Piles is an extremely common problem among Indian population. About eight in ten people suffer from piles at some point or other in their life time. For the common man, any bleeding, itching, pain, swelling, discharge, boil, protrusion or loss of control can be described as piles. Often symptoms of bleeding and constipation which are associated with colon and rectal cancers are also self diagnosed and neglected as Piles. Usually the common problems described as piles by a Patient are technically variable and may be internal hemorroids, external haemorrhoids, mixed hemorroids, fissure in ano, fistula in ano, perianal abscess, Pilonidal sinus, hypertrophic anal papilla, anal polyps, anal cancers, colon cancers, sentinel tags, pruritus ani etc.

The commonest cause of developing and aggravating anal and rectal conditions is passing hard stools and straining to pass them. With lack of proper toilet training in young age at home an individual doesn’t know much about consistency of stools or what straining during bowel movements actually means. So a person passing hard stools detrimental to anal rectal region actually doesn’t realize that his motions aren’t soft enough leading to progressive worsening of the condition. Lack of fibre in diet, indulgence in refined foods, intake of fast food, alcohol abuse, tobacco chewing, lethargic lifestyle, lack of exercise, obesity, intake of multiple medications. Modulation of lifestyle is essential for proper bowel movement and smooth motions

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